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June 2012... The start of My Journey toward Ordination in the Presbyterian Church USA

Today, I went into my blog and realized that much has happened since I have taken my job as an Office Manager at Buffalo Presbyterian Church.

So, I thought I would catch up the blog on my journey toward Ordination and I am starting with an article I wrote when I first came to the church.   This was first published in our newsletter from June/July 2012... which can be found here: Buffalo Presbyterian Church Newsletter


Have you ever just had that urging that your life was going to be changing… in a good way but that God was leading you toward an altogether different course?  This was my spring. Granted, my son just graduated high school and I knew that would bring family changes… but I also felt that my life would be changing…to the point where I knew I needed to give up some of my volunteer commitments.

Specifically, I needed to give up my role with the Montrose Suzuki Strings (where I had been serving as head of finance and administration for the past 4 years) So, with the urging that I would be moving on… I handed over my duties to another volunteer.

Shortly after this, the ad for the Buffalo Presbyterian Office Manager appeared in my local Drummer. With joy I went to the first interview… when I was told how many applicants we had for the position, I knew I couldn’t get my hopes up (I had been down this road many, many times in the past few
years and the positions were just not the right fit).

I have been pursuing a ministerial career with the United Methodist Church but have been hesitant because it will be several years before I will have a placement and I need to have some income during this process. The Minnesota United Methodist Annual Conference was also held at the end of May. This year I went and served as a page. During their ordination service there, they asked for anyone who was feeling a call to ministry to come up for prayer. I answered that call…

I also answered an email while I was there.. One from the personnel committee from Buffalo Presbyterian Church looking for references… again, I didn’t want to get too excited.. I have been down this path before.

The hours at BPC would be perfect for me with my kids in school and I could have income while I was going through the steps for the UMC to become a pastor for them… the position would truly be a ‘God-thing’.

Then I answered another from the personnel committee saying that they wanted to extend an offer to me for the position of office manager.

So, I am entering into a new season.. One where God is calling me into ministry as Office Manager at BPC thereby allowing me to pursue UMC licensing without having to worry about income.

As part of the interview process, I was asked if I were to look back in 3 years later of my time at BPC, what would my hopes for that be… I replied that I hoped that this would be a time of spiritual
growth for me…

I am looking forward to sharing this season with all of you here at BPC… thank-you for giving me this opportunity to serve your congregation.

Blessings In Christ ~ Lisa

From The New Times, a publication of  Buffalo Presbyterian Church, June/July 2012

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