Sunday, September 04, 2011

Faith Through Theater

I have been thinking about Genesius of Rome lately. He was a comedic actor who was killed because he believed in Christ. But it wasn’t as though he started his acting career as a Christian. Actually, he researched and lived in a Christian community in order to perform a role mocking Christianity accurately. Little did he know that during that process the Holy Spirit would work in him to bring him to a faith and belief in Jesus Christ. It was because of his faith that he was killed.

I am much like Genesius in that I did not have a faith in Christ when I joined a local mainline church. I didn’t profess a belief in Christ, but I did believe in God. As I got more involved with the church, I met people with a profound belief in Christ working in their lives. Since I had joined worship team (because I had a passion for theater), I decided that it would be great to partner with Christ to become a better performer for the church. Like Genesius, I didn’t expect that this ‘partnership’ would spur me onto becoming a devoted follower of Christ.

Here is the part of this post that I am supposed to tie it all together... but that story is still being written. All I know is passion for theater still burns brightly... along with a deep faith in Christ. Just like Genesius I was transformed by Christ through theater... and for today that brings me peace.

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